Silvering Exchange Partner

safe investment

Silvering makes buyback offer every day 5% from all circulation supply of SLVG on daily currency basis.

Selling price: daily silver currency +5% fee

Buying price: daily silver currency -5% fee

Exchange Partner:


1. Silvering token (SLVG) was listed on TRUST Wallet.

(official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance)

2. Silvering token(SLVG) was listed on MEW Wallet

Physically backed and safely stored silver in a high-security storage facility in Switzerland.

100% insured.

Only with silver cover is it possible for any Silvering token to appear in the circulation supply.


Redeem your SLVG tokens for .999 1 oz silver coin!

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ERC20 token

Contract address

Total supply: 6220695.32 SLVG

Circulation supply: 6220695.32 SLVG

Each Silvering token in circulation supply has 100% real silver coverage!

1 SLVG = 0.5 g .9999 purity silver

62.2069536 SLVG = 1 oz .9999 purity silver

EUB Insurance LLC

2232 Dell Range Blvd. Suite 245 Cheyenne, WY 82009



Bela Balog

Why silvering?

The market value of the Silvering token (SLVG) may vary on a daily basis, depending on the international price of silver.

The growth in demand for silver in many sectors, such as, medicine, solar energy, tech has created liquidity in the silver market.

The Silvering token (SLVG) provides purchasing power, stability and a shield against inflation or hyperinflation. It is a portable, divisible, tangible, and enduring store of value.

Silvering token is a secure and transparent investment.

Silver Vault Partner: BullionVault


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