Redeem your SLVG tokens for .999 1 oz silver coin!


1 oz silver coin = 62.2069536 SLVG + 19,99 SLVG handling charges

Delivery fees (worldwide)

1-5 silver coins = 99 SLVG

6-10 silver coins = 180 SLVG

Silver Coins from Austria, Canada, Australia (all .999 purity and 1 oz)

Wiener Philharmoniker (Austria) - Austrian Mint Coin


1 ounce fine silver (.999). 1.5 Euro

The runaway success of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin.

5 dollars (Canada) - Canadian Maple Silver Coin


The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins are one of the most popular Silver coins as they are 99.99% pure silver.

1 dollar (Australia) - Australian Silver Dragon Coin Bar


Newly released 1 Ounce Perth Mint Australian Dragon Silver Coin Bar.  Each coin contains 99.99 fine investment grade gold bullion.  These special edition Australian 1 Ounce silver coins have been released in limited mintage of 500,000 coins. The front of each coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II. At the top is the coin's weight, purity and metal. Below the image is the coin's face value and year of minting. Each 1 Oz silver Dragon coin bar has a face value of $1 Australian Dollars. The reverse side of the coin features an image of a dragon.

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